James Loisel – 2013

Check out the view from above with my new waterproof quad as James rips it up at O’town Watersports, Orlando.

Bryce Corrand – 2013

Bryce was back in Orlando, in August, and we got a chance to film before he flew back to France. Check out a couple of quick sets with Bryce as he trained with Glen Fletcher at O’town Watersports.

Ian Cole 2013

Junior Men soon to be pro shredder, taking a set at O-town and the Orlando Watersports Complex

Jorge Gill 2012

I met Jorge at Otown in Orlando a few months ago while working on a project with Damien Adam. We began talking about making him an edit shortly after his arrival. Jorge is an upcoming rider with a ton of style, big bag of tricks and great determination. Jorge is back and forth between London and Orlando so be on the look out for another video when he returns! A big thanks to everyone who helped with this project including Glen, Brett, David.
Hope you enjoy!

Charlotte (Street Fighter) Bryant – 2012

Charlotte did some training at O’town Watersports while she was in the U.S. this Spring. We got a chance to meet up, do some filming and chop up some bananas while she was here. You definately don’t want to get into a sword fight with this girl, lol.


Jorge Gill spent a lot of time in the ‘States this Spring. He trained for about 4 months at O’town Watersports, competed at Wake Games and tuned up his riding. Check out some of the shredding we captured before he returned home to England.


Marc Kroon – 2012. I love filming this kid. Every time he rides, he gives it his all. Check out a 20 min. set that we filmed at O’town Watersports while he was in the US for Wake Games.