Morgan Pedersen – 2012

We had some fun making this video. Had to tune up my tube riding skills. Got some really cool angles, and some awesome footage. Check out Morgan in his 2012 video feature on Special thanks to O’town Watersports for the extra effort in making a great video.

Mean Keen 2011

Keenan Allen shows his stuff in 2011. Here is a lot of footage we collected over 2011 all rolled into one great video. Check out Mean Keen on

Kade Kasey – Trick of the Day – O’town Watersports

Kade has been coming to O’town for as long as I remember, and was struggling with inverts for a while. He is getting the hang of them now, adding a Front Roll to his Toe Back. Check out his Trick of the Day on

Keenan Allen – Trick of the Day – 11-18-10

Once again, Keenan has risen’ to the top (of the wake) and pulled off another trick of the day at O’town Watersports. Check out this sick batwing to blind – first try – first time ever, only on

Marc Kroon – Featured Video

Marc came all the way from Holland to tune his skills at O’town Watersports. Here are a couple of sets, one week into his two week stay.