James Loisel – 2013

Check out the view from above with my new waterproof quad as James rips it up at O’town Watersports, Orlando.

Bryce Corrand – 2013

Bryce was back in Orlando, in August, and we got a chance to film before he flew back to France. Check out a couple of quick sets with Bryce as he trained with Glen Fletcher at O’town Watersports.

Ian Cole 2013

Junior Men soon to be pro shredder, taking a set at O-town and the Orlando Watersports Complex

Jorge Gill 2012

I met Jorge at Otown in Orlando a few months ago while working on a project with Damien Adam. We began talking about making him an edit shortly after his arrival. Jorge is an upcoming rider with a ton of style, big bag of tricks and great determination. Jorge is back and forth between London and Orlando so be on …

Charlotte (Street Fighter) Bryant – 2012

Charlotte did some training at O’town Watersports while she was in the U.S. this Spring. We got a chance to meet up, do some filming and chop up some bananas while she was here. You definately don’t want to get into a sword fight with this girl, lol.


Jorge Gill spent a lot of time in the ‘States this Spring. He trained for about 4 months at O’town Watersports, competed at Wake Games and tuned up his riding. Check out some of the shredding we captured before he returned home to England.


Marc Kroon – 2012. I love filming this kid. Every time he rides, he gives it his all. Check out a 20 min. set that we filmed at O’town Watersports while he was in the US for Wake Games.